Through Wall Mailbox Sets

Models Available for through wall installations

All models mentioned can be fixed in a through wall thanks to rear access and are available in two versions:

  • with electrogalvanized sheet steel body epoxy powder painted(except Modular 3)
  • with painted aluminium body


Modular 2

Curve 2

Modular 2 Verticale

Modular 270/2

Modular 200/2

Modular 2 Telescopica

Modular 200/2 Verticale

Modular 240/2 

Modular 3/2

Recess Civer Frames


For Recess mounting it’s necessary aluminium profile cover frame to protect from bad weather in outdoors installations.

MODULAR Recess Cover Frame is available in every colors mentioned in “Standard Colors available” Section except Bronze anodized.
CURVE recess cover frame is available in all colors required subject to availability at varnisher


All doors are made in aluminium profile and can be anodized or painted epoxy powder painted.

Doors are equipped with flap that covers magazine format size slot.

it’s available also antivandal kit to avoid thiefs.

Antivandal kit for SP1 doors

Antivandal kit for SP3 Doors

Example of CURVE 2 door with rear access:
Red Ral 3003/Cast Iron Grey flap

Cast Iron Grey/Silver painted flap

Greeen Ral 6005/Elemento Mobile Verniciato Ghisa

Silver Anodized

White Ral 9016

Cast Iron Grey



Silver Painted/Cast Iron Grey flap

Silver painted

Available Standard Colors

White Ral 9016

Ivory Ral 1013

Black Ral 9005

Green Ral 6005

Red Ral 3003

Cast Iron Grey


Painted Silver

Anodized Silver

Bronze Anodized

Examples of installation